IASJ Privacy statement

What is the purpose of the IASJ to collect data of its members?
The IASJ collects data for the sole reason of communication with and between members of the IASJ.

Which data is collected?
The IASJ collects and stores the following data of members of the IASJ:

  • name, e-mail, and phone number of the representative of a member school;
  • name and address of the member school;
  • website of the member school.

How long is the data stored?
The data of the members of the IASJ is stored as long as the membership lasts. After the membership has ended, data is stored no longer than 6 years.

Who controls the data?
As regulated in the IASJ Bye Laws, all data is controlled by the Secretary of the IASJ. The Secretary controls and reports to the Daily Board, the Full Board and to the General Assembly. The Service Bureau Coordinator administers the data and keeps data up-to-date.

Where and how safe is date stored?
Data is stored on a computer at the IASJ Service Bureau. Backups are stores on a NAS (near access server). The IASJ website is based upon the Joomla CMS, the most reliable and stable CRM possible. The storage of data of the IASJ provides maximum security against hacks.

Are data given to 3rd parties?
The IASJ in no circumstances gives, sells or shows data to third parties.

Can a member see which data the IASJ has stored?
Yes, at any time a member can ask the IASJ Service Bureau which data concerning that member is stored. Changes in the data or deleting data will happen immediately upon request.

What about the data of IASJ Fact Sheets?
IASJ Members are asked to provide basic information about their school of jazz for the sole purpose of promotion of their institute. If a member school no longer wants to make use of the free publicity provided by the IASJ, the data published on the IASJ website, the data will immediately be removed.

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