International Association of Schools of Jazz

International Association of Schools of Jazz

the worldwide organization for jazz, jazz education and jazz research

In my own career I’ve played a wide variety of music that sits under the ‘jazz’ heading and feel that a diverse, professional jazz education is the best thing we can give our students to enable them to succeed.

I first attended the IASJ Jazz Meeting in Lucerne, Switzerland in 2009 and have been committed to the organisation ever since; culminating in being elected to the board in Siena 2017, and serving as Artistic Director for the 2018 meeting. I believe that International cooperation and collaboration is even more vital in these challenging times, and the IASJ can serve as a valuable conduit to make these connections possible - it certainly has already done so for me.

Nick Smart
Head of Jazz Programmes
Royal Academy of Music

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The IASJ is a long standing member of the IMC, the International Music Coucil, affiliated with UNESCO.

The IASJ, founded in 1989, brought together over 3000 jazz students, teachers and directors from all over the world.

The IASJ promotes cultural diversity and does not discriminate towards nationality, religion, gender or age