International Association of Schools of Jazz

International Association of Schools of Jazz

the worldwide organization for jazz, jazz education and jazz research

The IASJ Organization Plan 2020-2022

General statements

The IASJ develops, supports and promotes jazz performance, jazz education and jazz research. The IASJ is a world-wide membership organization consisting of a network of schools of jazz which represent the highest quality and reputation.

Policy statement: the IASJ promotes cultural diversity and does not discriminate towards nationality, race, religion, gender or age.

The main activities of the IASJ are the organization of the annual IASJ Jazz Meetings, additional IASJ Conferences, and publishing the new IASJ Research Journal.

The Annual IASJ Jazz Meeting

The main activity of the IASJ is the promotion and co-production of the IASJ Jazz Meeting, hosted by an IASJ member school. The meeting is held in a different country each year and brings students, teachers and administrators together. The activities of the meeting include ensemble rehearsals and performances, jam sessions, lectures and masterclasses. There is also continuing professional development and shared best practice in the daily ‘ongoing dialogues’ sessions, where teachers and administrators exchange ideas on jazz performance, education and research.

The ‘IASJ Jazz Meeting Guidelines’ describes the framework of the program of the IASJ Jazz Meeting. The host school enhances the program with special activities such as the input from local musicians, a lecture on the local culture, and a specific visit on the ‘free’ afternoon.

The IASJ Conference

Additional IASJ Conferences bring together jazz performers, educators and researchers from around the world. Previously these conferences have happened where possible but the goal of the IASJ is to organize one conference bi-annually. Participants and presenters can be members of the IASJ and invited specialists. The main goal of the conference is to gain insight, promote and help develop current trends in jazz performance, education and research. Presentations during the conference will be documented and serve as content for the new IASJ Research Journal.

The IASJ Research Journal

In collaboration with Grand Valley State University Libraries (GVSUL), the IASJ will publish the IASJ Research Journal. The journal will exist mainly as an online version with the possibility of ‘printing on demand’.

The editorial board will supervise the publication of reports from the IASJ Conferences as well as essays, research papers, book reviews, interviews and blogs. GVSL takes care of the production and the subscription policy.

The IASJ Service Bureau

The independent administrative office of the IASJ is named the IASJ Service Bureau. It has been renting an office space in ‘Unit-2’ in Leiden, The Netherlands, since 2019. The IASJ Executive Director works from this office. The IASJ Archive, consisting of documents, recordings and artefacts of past IASJ Jazz Meetings and Conferences is located in a secure self-storage space near Leiden.

The IASJ Service Bureau takes care, among other things, of:

-       communication with members and interested parties;

-       administrating the IASJ membership;

-       financial administration of the IASJ;

-       documenting IASJ Board minutes, the charter and the bylaws;

-       compilation and dissemination of the IASJ Newsletter;

-       maintaining the IASJ website as well as any subsidiary websites of IASJ Jazz Meetings and Conferences;

-       co-publishing the IASJ Research Journal.

The IASJ Organization

The IASJ Board consists of representatives of member schools, voted in by members at the General Assembly. The rotating roster of board members aims to ensure that the international character of the IASJ is reflected. 

The IASJ Board governs the IASJ. Smaller decisions are taken by the Daily Board and reported to the IASJ Board. The IASJ General Assembly takes place during the IASJ Jazz Meeting. The GA supervises the decisions of the IASJ Board.

The Executive Director of the IASJ is also the Director of the IASJ Service Bureau and the official representative of the IASJ in all circumstances, while reporting to the Daily Board on a regular basis. He is also in close contact with the Artistic Director.

The long-term Artistic Director of the IASJ is David Liebman. The main function of the AD is to represent the IASJ through their artistic and educational activities, as well as advise the IASJ Board and Executive Director.

The IASJ Partnerships

The IASJ cooperates with organizations such as the IMC, EMC, AEC, JEN, EJN, ISIM and others. Information is shared, mutual invitations to activities are made, and participations are promoted.

The IASJ Membership

The IASJ is always striving to grow its membership. IASJ members can be schools or institutions that offer high-level jazz education on a regular basis, or individuals as well.

Although the membership fee is modest, it should never be a barrier for joining the association. The IASJ Executive Director has the freedom to determine a reasonable fee depending on the situation of a school or an individual.



The 2020 2022 IASJ Organization Plan will be downloaded to your computer if you click on this link.


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The IASJ is a long standing member of the IMC, the International Music Coucil, affiliated with UNESCO.

The IASJ, founded in 1989, brought together over 3000 jazz students, teachers and directors from all over the world.

The IASJ promotes cultural diversity and does not discriminate towards nationality, religion, gender or age

IASJ contact information

IASJ - Unit 2
3e Binnenvestgracht 23-J
The Netherlands

E-mail address:

General Information

Organization: non-for-profit association, (Dutch title: "Internationale Vereniging van Scholen voor Jazz"), founded in 1989
Chamber of Commerce: The Hague, The Netherlands: KvK 40412806
VAT-number: none. The IASJ is tax-exempted.