Minutes of the General Assembly of the IASJ

Online meeting, Thursday July 9th, 2020

IASJ Board:
Present: Jari Perkiömäki (Chairman)
Dimos Dimitriadis (Secretary)
Felipe Sales (Treasurer)
Nick Smart
Iñaki Sandoval
Ricardo Pinheiro

Absent: Jaak Sooäär

Also present: Wouter Turkenburg (Executive Director); David Liebman (Artistic Director);

Opening Remarks
Chairman Jari Perkiömäki welcomes all participants to a special online General Assembly.
Chairman announces that although this exceptional meeting in NY after 30 years had to be cancelled the host school offers on option of organizing a new meeting in NY in two years.
Elections to the board and voting procedure are announced (point 6). A special event entitled Equity, Diversity and Social Justice is announced to follow after elections to the board are completed.

Minutes of the previous meeting
Minutes of the General Assembly July 2019, Zagreb, Croatia are read online and approved.

Financial Report

  • Service Bureau and Executive Director Reports are presented to the GA.
  • Financial Report 2019 presented to the GA.

Financial figures posted online ahead of time, presented and explained to the GA. Financial committee consisting of Gary Keller and Michael Küttner approved the financial report proposed by the Full Board. GA approves report and releases treasurer and board of the responsibility of this report.

  • Financial planning 2020: key figures shown online and explained to GA by the ED and approved by GA.

IASJ Documentation
The Charter, The Bye-Laws, The IASJ Jazz Meeting Guidelines, The IASJ Organization

No changes, suggestions and remarks.

IASJ Publications
to be developed in cooperation with the Grand Valley State Library: www.iasjresearchjournal.com

The IASJ Future Development
• Affiliations and Collaborations:
International Music Council (IMC); European Music Council (EMC); Association Européenne des Conservatoires (AEC); International Society for Improvised Music (ISIM); CLAEM; Jazz Educators Network (JEN);
The EMC is reported to have cancelled this year’s meeting. The importance of continued contact between the IASJ and these organizations is stressed. It is desirable for IASJ board and ordinary members to be involved actively and affirm a strong and active global presence for the IASJ.

Strategic Plan 2016-2020:

Elections to the Board
After the GA in July 2019, the roster now is:
Jaak Sooäär steps down in 2020; does not stand for re-election
Jari Perkiömäki steps down in 2020; stands for re-election
Nick Smart steps down in 2020; does not stand for re-election
Dimos Dimitriadis steps down in 2021
Ricardo Pinheiro steps down in 2022
Iñaki Sandoval steps down in 2022
Felipe Sales steps down in 2023

Standing for election as well: Keller Coker, New York, USA; Anders Kissenbeck, Munich, Germany; Ed Partyka, Graz, Austria.
Candidates Jari Perkiömäki, Keller Coker, Andreas Kissenbeck and Ed Partyka each make a 2-minute presentation. Online voting procedure is explained and voting is completed.
Jari Perkiömäki is reelected, Keller Coker and Ed Partyka are elected to the board.
The IASJ board encourages female candidates to stand for election. Female candidates can be representatives of member schools but also educators or staff members of that school

SPECIAL EVENT: Equity, Diversity and Social Justice
After voting special event begins.
Keller Coker hosts Darius Jones & Fay Victor for presentations and discussion with IASJ board and members.

The future IASJ Jazz Meetings and IASJ Jazz Education Conferences
2021 IASJ meeting in Munich, Germany / Jazz Conference in the Netherlands
Andreas Kissenbeck makes a presentation on Munich meeting.
2021 IASJ Research Conference, Leiden, Netherlands
2022 IASJ Jazz Meeting New York, USA
2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting Helsinki, Finland

Any other business
No discussion.

Statement of the Artistic Director and the Executive Director
Chairman brings assembly to a close. ED and AD address the closing of the assembly.

Closing of the General Assembly by the Chairman
The Chairman closes the 2020 GA.

The IASJ is a long standing member of the IMC, the International Music Coucil, affiliated with UNESCO.

The IASJ, founded in 1989, brought together over 3000 jazz students, teachers and directors from all over the world.

The IASJ promotes cultural diversity and does not discriminate towards nationality, religion, gender or age