Wouter TurkenburgFounded in 1989, the IASJ has been a positive force toward benefitting thousands of people involved in jazz education. The IASJ enables students, teachers, and staff of schools of jazz around the world to connect, to learn from each other and to perform at the highest international level. Contributing to and being part of the worldwide network of the IASJ means shaping and being shaped by jazz, an international living art form.

The future of jazz is connected to the future of jazz education, and the IASJ is the link.
The main activity is the yearly IASJ Jazz Meeting, taking place in a different country every year. The IASJ Jazz Meeting is a starting point for students, teachers, and representatives of schools of jazz to play, to exchange ideas and to network.

You can find information on the IASJ and the Newsletter elsewhere on this site. Through these and other kinds of possibilities, members benefit from the IASJ in many respects.

Being a member of the IASJ enables students, teachers, and staff to broaden their horizons through contact with colleagues from all over the world. The first IASJ Jazz Meeting took place in The Hague, The Netherlands in 1989. Ever since, jazz schools that play a major role in jazz and jazz education in Europe and the USA hosted the IASJ Jazz Meeting. In the years to come, possible options for the IASJ Jazz Meetings to take place are Italy, Israel, Austria, Mongolia, and France.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next IASJ Jazz Meeting!
Walter Turkenburg
IASJ Executive Director


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