logo transparantThe IASJ Board, also referred to as the IASJ Full Board, consists of seven representatives of schools of jazz, members of the IASJ. In the General Assembly, the yearly statutory meeting of representatives taking place during the annual IASJ Jazz Meeting, board members are elected to the board. A board member is elected for a period of five years. Board members can be re-elected.

Immediately after the General Assembly, the IASJ Full Board convenes to form the IASJ Daily Board: the chairman, secretary, and the treasurer. The Daily Board keeps regular contact with the Artistic Director and the Executive Director and sees to it that the decisions taken are being executed.

The IASJ strives to reflect its world-wide character in the representation of the board members. Representatives of schools of jazz, members of the IASJ, having participated in a number of IASJ Jazz Meetings and in good standing, who are willing to stand for election to the board, should notify the IASJ Service Bureau.

IASJ Service Bureau:


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