IASJ News 15 September 2023

IASJ News 15 September 2023

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IASJ Update # 7

15 September 2023

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Israel Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv

2024 IASJ Jazz Meeting, Tel Aviv, Israel

Arrival Day: Sunday 30 June

First Day: Monday 1 July

Last Day: Saturday 6 July

Departure Day: Sunday 7 July


Host School Coordinator Matan Chapnizky and his team are

preparing an IASJ Jazz Meeting in which a number of Israeli top jazz musicians will participate.


The building of the conservatory is not far from the sea, in a residential area, where also apartments, hotels, and the youth hostel are



The website with all information will be published in the next IASJ News Update, 15 October 2023.

Wouter Turkenburg


2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting, Helsinki, Finland: 26 June – 1 July

Dear IASJ-family,

We can't believe how fast time flies. The 2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting feels like last week, and now it's mid-September. We hope you all had a sunny and relaxing summer after Helsinki. 

Once again, we want to thank each and every one of you for coming. Words cannot express how grateful we were (and still are) for having you all here in June and making the meeting very special.

Here's finally IASJ Helsinki wrap-up. Remember also to tune your T-shirt or back bag (see the pic) with the canvas patch. Iron it from the reverse side to the place you want it.

Greetings from sunny Helsinki,


Jussi Kannaste, Sami Linna, Jari Perkiömäki


Link to the first final concert on Friday 30 June 2023
Link to the second final concert on Saturday 1 July 2023





2023 IASJ Research Conference 2023, 10-11 November

Aesthetics in jazz in the 21st Century

An interesting number of papers were submitted. The 'reading committee', Christa Bruckner Haring, Kurt Ellenberger and Wouter Turkenburg, are now selecting the speakers at the conference.

Participating is still possible by filling out the application form on:

the 2023 IASJ Jazz Research Conference participation form


Jack Hues does the keynote speech and a 'meet and greet' on Monday 13 November.


 Call for applications for the ONJ Youth Orchestra
Musical direction Claude Barthélem‍y, guitar

Artistic Coordination: Jean-Charles Richard, saxophone


Jazz students in higher professional education until 8 October 2023 can apply to participate in the 2024 ONJ Youth Orchestra in France. Travel, housing, and food is being paid for. The orchetra will perform in about six concerts in France.


This ensemble is dedicated to the reinterpretation of the repertoire of the NJO, the Orchestre National de Jazz. Each season, the direction of the orchestra is entrusted to a former musical director of the ONJ.


As part of the ONJ’s active policy of restoring gender parity in jazz   orchestras, women are encouraged to apply.


For more information and the application form: ONJ Youth Orchestra

Future IASJ activities:

2023 IASJ Jazz Conference, Graz, Austria: 10,11 November 2023

2024 IASJ Jazz Meeting: Tel Aviv, Israel: 1-6 July 2024

2025 Call for proposals for hosting the IASJ Jazz Meeting

IASJ main website: iasj.com

IASJ mail address: info@iasj.com


Executive Director

Wouter Turkenburg




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