IASJ Update 15 June 2023

IASJ Update 15 June 2023

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IASJ Update # 6

15 June 2023


Helsinki Library opposite the Sibelius Academy

Finland's stories 10: Two boat stories. 

In this last Finland story, two more boat experiences. In the spring of 1995, the IASJ Daily board, of which I was the chairman, was invited to Finland by Erik Moselholm, the Host School Coordinator of the 1996 IASJ Jazz Meeting. This meeting was to be named ‘The Baltic Jazz Cruise’. A meeting in the former Soviet states was hard to imagine. Participants transported on a boat was even harder to think of. Erik Moseholm insisted that the IASJ leadership had to ‘test’ the boat. It turned out to be a ‘beer’ boat. The three members of the IASJ Daily Board were in a separate room upstairs on the boat talking business. The beer drinking, testing, and buying passengers downstairs in the various bars. The boat left at 9 o’clock in the morning and the beer drinking began immediately.

A beautiful view of the Finland coastline was promised. We passed the first island and a thick fog came in. The visibility went down to zero. In the Russian territorial waters, the captain had many difficulties contacting the boat of the Russian customs. Finally, the Russian customs came on board, signed the papers proving the boat had been abroad and that no taxes had to be paid on the beer, once back in Finland.

Furthermore, the landing of the boat in the Helsinki harbour, with no visibility at all, went perfect. The IASJ Daily Board was impressed, the test was passed. In 1996, the IASJ Jazz Meeting took place on a boat sailing the Baltic See.

Decades later, I was invited again on a boat sailing around Helsinki. The trip was in the evening while we were having dinner. No fog and no beer this time, but a breathtaking sunset, mesmerizing islands, excellent food, and a great ambience.

If you stay a day longer in Helsinki after the IASJ Jazz Meeting, or maybe on your day off, consider a boat trip around Helsinki. Make sure that the battery of your camera is well charged.

Wouter Turkenburg


2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting, Helsinki, Finland: 26 June – 1 July


From the Host School Team

Tervetuloa Helsinkiin!

Welcome to Helsinki!


Here's the final 2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting checklist.


The participation fee: we hope you all have received the invoice via email. 



The ‘free’ day: during this day you can just enjoy Helsinki, its attractions, and surroundings. Please check for more information the link to: Helsinki the City

We as hosts are also happy to help you to plan your Helsinki day, where to go and where to eat etc. We have organized two optional activities for you: padel and tennis with professional coaches, or playing ping pong or badminton at the nearby sports center. Or the hippest sport there is presently, disc golf, also with professional coaches in a beautiful surrounding just outside Helsinki.

You don't have to bring your tennis or padel rackets nor discs. If possible, bring your indoor sports shoes for tennis and padel, as well as the proper clothing for indoor or outdoor sports, depending on your choice concerning sports activities. No previous experience of the sports is required.


We will see the most of you on Sunday at the welcome reception. The real action starts on Monday the 26th of June at 10:00 am.


Please let us know if there have been any changes to your team, technical requests concerning your presentation etc. And please check the homepage for more detailed and up-to-date schedule and info. We can't wait to see you all and get this meeting started.


Jussi Kannaste, Sami Linna, Jari Periömäki


Mail to Jussi


Mail to Sami


Mail to Jari

2023 IASJ General Assembly, Helsinki, Finland


The minutes of the former IASJ General Assembly (GA) in 2022, and the Agenda of the IASJ GA 2023 can be found on the website of the 2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting: 2023 General Assembly


Elections to the board: in 2023 according to the IASJ Statues, Felipe Salles has to step down but is also standing for re-election. If you are representing an IASJ Member School, and you want to stand for election as well, you have to notify the IASJ by mail no later than Monday 26 June 2023, 12:00 am.


From the IASJ Service Bureau

2023 Membership Fee


The invoices for the payment of the IASJ Membership Fee are sent to all School Members and Individual Members. Once the payment is done and the fee is received by the bank, an email goes out to the IASJ Member. Payments are accepted, even after the mentioned deadlines. Any questions or remarks: contact the IASJ Service Bureau.



The new internet provider of the IASJ

To be more cost-effective and to have a better website management, the IASJ has moved to a new internet provider. The transition is controlled by an external IT-professional who is monitoring the process. In some cases, internal weblinks might not work immediately. If you come across a broken link, please contact the IASJ Service Bureau.



2023 IASJ Research Conference 2023, 10-11 November

A 'hybrid' jazz research conference takes place on 10 and 11 November 2023 in Graz. Editor-in-Chief Kurt Ellenberger is guest professor in the fall of 2023 at the Institute for Music Aesthetics of the KUG, Graz, Austria. Host is professor Andreas Dorschel, the director of the institute. Ed Partyka is on the organizing committee as well. Also André Doehring is involved in the organization.


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Future IASJ activities:

2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting, Helsinki, Finland

2023 IASJ Jazz Conference, Graz, Austria: 10,11 November 2023

2024 IASJ Jazz Meeting: Tel Aviv, Israel: 1-6 July 2024

2025 Call for proposals for hosting the IASJ Jazz Meeting

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