IASJ Update 15 May 2023

IASJ Update 15 May 2023

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IASJ Update # 5

15 May 2023

Sibelius Academy‍

Finland's stories 9: "If it was not for Europe...".


George Wein: “If it was not for Europe, jazz would be dead”. A delegation of the IASJ was in his office at the start of the 1994 IASJ Jazz Meeting in New York. George Wein, the famous jazz impresario operating on a worldwide scale, offered the stage in Bryant Park for IASJ groups to perform. Hundreds of people in the park enjoyed the music of mainly European jazz musicians, local television reported the event, George Wein stood proudly in front of the stage.


Not only was George Wein the organizer of the Newport Jazz Festival in the USA, he was also the ‘ring leader’ of the jazz festival organizers in Europe. In the last quarter of the 20th century, jazz festivals in Europe outnumbered and outsized the classical music summer festivals that had their start in the early nineteenth century.


Where did all these jazz festivals, that popped up like mushrooms out of the ground, come from?  Where and who started it? It was Mr. Jyrki Kangas in Pori, in Finland in 1966. Of course, there were all kinds of earlier initiatives. The city of Nice in the south of France even claims to have organized the first jazz festival ever in the world in 1948. However, the honour of the country that organized the large size summer jazz festivals as we know them today goes to Finland. The 2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting in Helsinki is also the moment of celebration of forty years of higher music jazz education. In 2002, there was an IASJ Jazz Meeting in Finland as well. “If it was not for Finland…”

Wouter Turkenburg


2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting, Helsinki, Finland: 26 June – 1 July


Updates on the website

More information has been added to the website of the 2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting:

2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting, Helsinki, Finland


Information for students

The host school has sent out information to all participating students to best prepare for the meeting. Please check if your students know what is expected from them.

Info for students.


Information for teachers and representatives

The host school has sent information to the participating teacher and staff members as well. Be prepared for an IASJ Jazz Meeting a little different from before.

Info for teachers and staff.


Invited Combo Coaches

Aaron Goldberg (US), Tim Hagans (US), Savannah Harris, (US), Anders Jormin (SE), David Liebman (US), Jukkis Uotila (FI).

If you want to co-coach a combo, please contact Jussi Kannaste

mail to Jussi Kannaste



You can find the update of the list of participating schools here:

List of participants


Interested in participating?

All student spots are taken. Teachers and staff of member schools are always welcome at IASJ Jazz Meetings. Please make your participation known to Host School Coordinator Jussi Kannaste.

mail to Jussi Kannaste

2024 IASJ Jazz Meeting,Tel Aviv, Israel‍


The Center for Jazz Studies, part of the Israel Conservatory of Music, is the host school of the 2024 IASJ Jazz Meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel. Host School Coordinator Matan Chapnizly and his team organize the program of the week. The invited combo leaders are Israeli jazz musicians, who are key figures in jazz performance and jazz education of today. A number of them will hold keynote speeches and do workshops as well.

In the 2023 IASJ General Assembly in Helsinki, Matan Chapnizky will reveal details of the week that is now planned to take place starting on Monday 1 July 2024 and ending on Saturday 6 July 2024.

2021 and 2022 IASJ Jazz Meeting Videos‍

The playlist of the six combos performing at the Final Concerts of the 2021 IASJ Jazz Meeting in Munich, Germany:

2021 IASJ Munich on YouTube


The playlist of the six combos performing at the Final Concerts of the 2022 IASJ Jazz Meeting in New York, USA:

2022 IASJ New York on YouTube

1st IASJ Journal of Applied Jazz Research

A system will be put in place to automatically inform the contributors how often and where in the world their articles have been downloaded. The total number of downloads is reaching 500.

Here is the link to the IASJ Journal:

Link to the IASJ Journal of Applied Jazz Research

Scroll to the bottom of the front page to see where, when and how many articles of the IASJ Journal are downloaded.


2023 IASJ Research Conference 2023, 10-11 November

A 'hybrid' jazz research conference takes place on 10 and 11 November 2023 in Graz. Editor-in-Chief Kurt Ellenberger is guest professor in the fall of 2023 at the Institute for Music Aesthetics of the KUG, Graz, Austria. Host is professor Andreas Dorschel, the director of the institute. Ed Partyka is on the organizing committee as well.


Questions, remarks, additions, contributions?


Future IASJ activities:

2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting, Helsinki, Finland: www.2023iasjhelsinki.com

2023 IASJ Jazz Conference, Graz, Austria: 10,11 November 2023

2024 IASJ Jazz Meeting: Tel Aviv, Israel: 1-6 July 2024

2025 Call for proposals for hosting the IASJ Jazz Meeting


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