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IASJ News Update # 1, 15 January 2023

IASJ News Update # 1, 15 January 2023

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IASJ News Update #1


15 January 2023

Bikes for rent, Helsinki, Finland

Finland Stories # 5: Do not swim in lakes in Finland

Finland is the land of an uncountable number of beautiful lakes. In the summer Fins sit at lakes, in the winter they sometimes skate or ski on lakes, but they never swim in lakes.

Ilari and his family had taken me to their summerhouse on ‘their’ lake. From the summerhouse I could see a small island in the middle of the lake. ‘Is someone living on the island? A troll maybe?’ Ilari: ‘No…maybe…don’t know’.

I was among the top swimmers in The Netherlands that year on the 100-meter breaststroke for teenagers. Having done trainings of two kilometers and more per day, I imagined that it was a piece of cake to swim to the island and have a cozy meeting with a troll. When I almost arrived at the island: sounds of panic came from the shores. From three sides, people were yelling at me, in Finish. Two small rowboats were approaching with the intention to ‘save’ me. I could not climb in either of them, so I had to swim back. Piece of cake.

The mother of Ilari was afraid that I wanted to commit suicide, the father was afraid that he could be fined by the police, Ilari thought I was crazy: you sit at the lakes in the summer, but you don’t really swim in them. Finnish lakes look peaceful, but they are considered to be dangerous. Do not go swimming for a cozy meeting with a real troll on an island in a lake in Finland.


Do you have a Finland story yourself?


Contact: Wouter Turkenburg  

2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting, Helsinki, Finland: 26 June – 1 July

Proposed Participants Forms are coming in. So far, the majority of proposals concern rhythm section players.


Curious to know which schools are participating? Here is the update of 15 January 2023:

List of participants


The program of the week is still subject to changes as ideas and   suggestions keep coming in. In the recently held survey, suggestions were made on improving the program of the week.


The teacher's concert will take place in the form of an 'introduction jam session'. A concise and spontaneous session, instead of an    endless string of under-rehearsed duo's and trio's.


Guest professor at the Sibelius Academy, Dana Hall, will hold an opening keynote at the start of the Ongoing Dialogues. His topic, the cultural connections of jazz, will be the 'red tread' in all other Ongoing Dialogues.


New technologies and methods have always been a part of the       Ongoing Dialogues. Since 2020 a big growth has taken place in the possibility and quality of online teaching. 'Hybrid' teaching is now the rule and no linger an exception. What is offered, what is used, what works and what is to be avoided?


On the website of the meeting, you can find all basic information about whom, when and where:


The direct link to propose participants:

Proposed Participants Form

1st IASJ Journal of Applied Jazz Research

The first issue is now online and the first few articles are uploaded. There are more to come. Furthermore, the abstracts will be more elaborated.


Have a look and let us know what you think. The journal is 'dynamic'. This means that reactions, comments on the articles, another article on the same subject, can be added any time.


Here is the link to the IASJ Journal:

Link to the IASJ Journal of Applied Jazz Research


Questions, remarks, additions, contributions? 

Future IASJ activities:

2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting, Helsinki, Finland:

2024 IASJ Jazz Meeting: Tel Aviv, Israel


IASJ main website: IASJ Main Website

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