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2021 IASJ News Update Zoom links reminder

2021 IASJ News Update Zoom links reminder

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2021 IASJ Research Conference 11&12 November

Update Zoom Links

2021 IASJ Research Conference, 11 and 12 November


This is the last update of the program of the 2021 IASJ Conference, 11 and 12 November. Check the website for all information:


Live/Zoom - LAST UPDATE!

The sessions can be followed by ‘Zoom' from the studio in ‘The New Energy’. All Zoom links to the presentations can be found here:


< Note: the sessions will not be video-recorded>


You are on the IASJ Research Mailing List. Reports of the session will be made and published on the website. You will be notified when the reports are published.


More information on the presentations

Presentations are at 3 pm, 5pm and 7 pm Amsterdam time = CET.

Some minor updates were made last week.

The backgrounds of the presentations:


Quick overview of the program

Maybe you want to see just a quick overview of what, when and who?

Sure, here it is:


Call for responses

You can participate by just watching and listening. At the end of each session, you can make observations, additons, reactions and ask questions.

Do you want to respond after a session is over? Please do so via:

Future IASJ activities:


2022 IASJ Jazz Meeting: New York, USA

2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting: Helsinki, Finland


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IASJ mail address:


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