2021 IASJ News Update 21 October 2021 2/5

2021 IASJ News Update 21 October 2021 2/5

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2021 IASJ Research Conference

11 and 12 November

Update 2/5  date 21 October 2021

2021 IASJ Research Conference, 11 and 12 November


This is the second of five updates of the program of the 2021 IASJ Conference, 11 and 12 November. Do you want a day-to-day update?

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More information on the presentations

There are 3 presentations on both days

They start at 3 pm, 5pm and 7 pm Amsterdam time = CET.

More details on the presentations can be found here:




The sessions can be followed by ‘Zoom'. Wojtek Justina and Wouter Turkenburg present the sessions a studio in ‘The New Energy’.


-> Zoom links to all sessions: 2 weeks before the 2021 IASJ Research Conference. Published in the next update of 28 October and on the website of the conference.


Short description of the sessions:

Thursday 11 November 3 pm:

Jazz research in the world. Panel in collaboration with the Society for Artistic Jazz Research.


Thursday 11 November 5 pm:

Damani Phillips: The (lack of) African American Culture in jazz research.


Thursday 11 November 7 pm:

Round table: Jazz research in the IASJ. Past, present, future.


Friday 12 November 3 pm:

Jazz research in Belgium and The Netherlands. ACPA, docARTES, the Research Catalogue


Friday 12 November 5 pm:

Felipe Salles: The New Immigrant Experience.


Friday 12 November 7 pm:

The IASJ Research Journal: Step up, how to contribute, editorial board. ‘Applied Jazz Research’ explained.


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