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2019 IASJ Newsletter October

Latest news for IASJ Members

IASJ Jazz Meetings

2020 IASJ Jazz Meeting New York

Monday 6 – Sunday 11 July
The 2020 IASJ Jazz Meeting takes place in New York. The meeting is hosted by The New School. Keller Coker and his team are working hard in fine-tuning the program.

Part of the program will be the celebration of the 30th year of existence of the IASJ.

The website 2020iasjnewyork.com contains basic information. Updates are in the make. Please check regularly.

You can now fill out the Proposed Participants Form on:
2020 IASJ Participants Form

2021 IASJ Jazz Meeting Munich

Monday 5 – Saturday 10 July
The 2021 IASJ Jazz Meeting takes place in Munich, Germany. Director Klaus Reichstaller and Host School Coordinator Andi Kissenbeck of the University of Music and Performing Arts will present the outlines of the 2021 IASJ Jazz Meeting during the IASJ General Assembly in New York on Friday 10 July 2020.

2022 IASJ Jazz Meeting

Option: Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia
The IASJ board accepted the State Conservatory in Ulaan Bataar in Mongolia as a member of the IASJ. As an IASJ member, the State Conservatory can now take actions that might lead to proposing an IASJ Jazz Meeting in Mongolia in 2022. More information will follow in the General Assembly in New York.

2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting

Approved: Helsinki, Finland
In 2023 the jazz department of the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland celebrates its 40 years of existence. The General Assembly of the IASJ has agreed to have the 2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting in Helsinki.


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