IASJ Update 15 April 2023

IASJ Update 15 April 2023

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IASJ Update # 4

15 april 2023

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Finland's stories 8: ice hockey, soccer, and jazz.

‘Come, play!’ With a soccer ball under his arm, Ilari stood in front of the door of the house we had just moved into. Ilari was from Finland. He and I were twelve years old. We went out to the little lawn between the houses and practised every day, for many hours, all sort of techniques. Ilari was the boss. ‘In ice hockey we do this, so now in soccer we do that’. His approach was very analytical, unconventional, serious. He was not afraid of a ‘body check’.


‘Pepper and salt’, they called us in our soccer team. I had black hair, Ilari was blond. In every game, we made many goals because we could blindly rely on each other. We took the lead, we gave the lead to each other, we always knew where in the field the other was, we understood the game and the way it should be played. One made a mistake, the other repaired. We were unstoppable. We were winners.


After two years: ‘game over’. Ilari and family moved back to Finland. I did not find another friend who had the same focus nor commitment. Nobody else had in The Netherlands had a background in ice hockey. Disappointed as I was, I stopped playing soccer soon after.


It was only years later, when I started to pay jazz jam sessions, that I understood why the approach of Ilari was so strong, what made the two of us so successful. As in jazz, we trusted each other, we could anticipate, we could both lead and support, we knew the form, we were not afraid of making mistakes.


Sport teams and jazz ensembles have more in common than most of us think or realize. Some research has been done, but much more can be learned from the comparison. I am eagerly awaiting to see the research on this topic.


Wouter Turkenburg


2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting, Helsinki, Finland: 26 June – 1 July

Updates on the website

In the last month, the website of the 2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting has been updated, please have a look:

2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting, Helsinki, Finland


New: Information for students

Although the best students are selected, those who have 'been around', the IASJ Jazz Meeting will be an experience that they have never had nor will have again. Please have your students be prepared with this information: Info for students.


New: Information for teachers and representatives

New to the IASJ Jazz Meeting? Seen a few of them, all of them, almost? This year the program is different from former meetings in many aspects. Please read the information: Info for teachers and staff.


Combo Leaders update

Aaron Goldberg (US), Tim Hagans (US), Savannah Harris, (US), Anders Jormin (SE), David Liebman (US), Jukkis Uotila (FI).



You can find the update of the list of participating schools here:

List of participants


Hotel and Hostel reservation codes:

The deadline for booking with an IASJ discount code for the hotel for teachers has expired, end of March.

The deadline for booking with an IASJ discount code for the hostel for the students expires 24 April. For more information:

2023 IASJ Helsinki Accommodations


You are not obliged to book in the accommodations mentioned. Regular booking sites offer many alternatives. Please ensure that your accommodation is not too far away from the Sibelius Academy.


Interested in participating?

Teachers and staff of member schools are always welcome at IASJ Jazz Meetings. Please make your participation known to Host School Coordinator Jussi Kannaste.

mail to Jussi Kannaste

2024 IASJ Jazz Meeting ,Tel Aviv, Israel‍

The Center for Jazz Studies of the Israel Conservatory of Music is the host school of the 2024 IASJ Jazz Meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel. Host School Coordinator Matan Chapnizly is fine-tuning the program of the week. On his 'long list' are Israeli jazz musicians, who are key figures in jazz performance and jazz education of today. A number of them will be invited to hold keynote speeches, do workshops and work with the student ensembles.


In the 2023 IASJ General Assembly in Helsinki, Matan Chapnizky will reveal details of the week that is now planned to take place starting on Monday 1 July 2024 and ending on Saturday 6 July 2024.

2021 and 2022 IASJ Jazz Meeting Videos‍

The playlist of the six combos performing at the Final Concerts of the 2021 IASJ Jazz Meeting in Munich, Germany:

2021 IASJ Munich on YouTube


The playlist of the six combos performing at the Final Concerts of the 2022 IASJ Jazz Meeting in New York, USA:

2022 IASJ New York on YouTube

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Evaluating the IASJ Jazz Journal and taking the next steps in the development of applied jazz research, a conference takes place on 10 and 11 November in Graz. Editor-in-Chief Kurt Ellenberger is guest professor in the fall of 2023 at the Institute for Music Aesthetics of the KUG, Graz, Austria. Host is professor Andreas Dorschel, the director of that institute.


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Future IASJ activities:

2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting, Helsinki, Finland: www.2023iasjhelsinki.com

2023 IASJ Jazz Conference, Graz, Austria: 10,11 November 2023

2024 IASJ Jazz Meeting: Tel Aviv, Israel: 1-6 July 2024

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