IASJ Update 15 September 2022

IASJ Update 15 September 2022

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IASJ News Update #7


15 September 2022

The Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland

Finland Stories: the loudest alarm ever


Two trains and one boat. That's all I, age 17, had to take to travel from Holland to Finland to my former Finish neighbors. They had invited me to spent the summer with them in their beautiful summer house near a lake.

Like today, trains were often delayed. When I arrived at the port of Lubeck, Germany, I saw my boat sailing away...without me.


I took out my guitar, played the blues and a few songs that Jack, a Vietnam veteran requested. 'Come with me on a boat to Sweden, we will hitchhike to Stockholm, you take a boat to Helsinki and you will arrive in time'. Only a few pretty girls were offered a ride, not Jack with a beard and me with a guitar.


We had to stay for the night in Gothenburg, Sweden and found a place to sleep in some obscure wooden construction in a park. Early next morning a Swedish brass band seated on the construction started to play their loudest number. The wooden construction turned out to be their stage and worked as a natural amplifier of their music: my loudest alarm ever.


At the end of their first number, Jack and I crept out from underneath the stage, pretended we were stagehands, walked off to the station and took the train to Stockholm.

Wouter Turkenburg

(to be continued)

Do you have Finland Stories that you would like to share?
Any tips, ideas or suggestions for the 2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting, Helsinki, Finland?
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Please contact: Wouter Turkenburg  

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Rethinking the IASJ is organized bottom-up. You, as IASJ member, are the first to speak. All input will be evaluated by the IASJ Board before any action takes place. Please give the IASJ Board your input by filling out the online survey that is set up in such a way that senders cannot be recognized. The survey can be found on:

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1st IASJ Jazz Research Journal

– to be published in November 2022

An interesting thought, a strong opinion, a unique experience, something that the world of jazz should know, see, be aware of?


The IASJ Jazz Research Journal is the forum for you. You do not have to prove that you have read an entire library and your text should not be footnote-overloaded.


Richie Beirach is the guest contributer in the first issue. Do you want to be part of this historical publication? Send in your contrubution.


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2022 IASJ Research Journal: November 2022

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