IASJ Update 15 April 2022

IASJ Update 15 April 2022

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2022 IASJ News Update  # 4


15 April 2022

The New School Auditorium‍

2022 IASJ Jazz Meeting, New York, USA

First Deadline Proposed Participant Forms Students: passed!!!
Today, 15 April 2022 was the deadline for sending in the form to propose students. From 15 April on the combo’s are formed.

Late proposals for students are still possible till 15 May but most spots will already been taken. 

Do not book flights or accommodations for your students untill you have received a confirmation that your student(s) is/are selected.



Deadline for Teachers and Representatives?
No, there is no deadline for the number of teachers of an IASJ Member School. In general, a participating school sends one representative and one teacher. In order to produce the ID card needed to access the activities of the meeting, it is required to fill out the Proposed Participants Form for teachers and representatives as well.


2020 IASJ Jazz Meeting Participant Fee

The fee per participant is $120. Cash payment is not possible. The New School will set up a online system for payment of the fees.

New School confirmed participating teachers
David Glasser, Allison Miller, Ed Neumeister, Arturo O'Farrill,
Fay Victor, Matt Wilson

Covid regulations during the 2022 IASJ Jazz Meeting

Being vaccinated, including a booster is manditory to enter the building of the New School. Waring masks is mandiotory is well. Regular testing will have to take place.  If all regulations are met, a wristband will be provide in order to have access to the buildings.

2021 IASJ Research Conference – reports
Now available on the website of the conference are the reports of the 6 sessions that took place.


1st IASJ Jazz Research Journal – call for contributions
Jazz pianist and pedagogue Richie Beirach is the keynote writer of the 1st IASJ Jazz Research Journal. During the IASJ Research Conference, the journal was named ‘the next logical step in the maturation of the IASJ’. Without doubt, it is a historical step, a historical document, a journal that will gain attention worldwide. Please consider to contribute to the journal.
Contributions may among others consist of:
- papers on jazz research, education, performance;
- opinion articles;
- interviews;
- outstanding master papers of master students;
- revues of books on jazz.
Suggestions, questions, submissions:


Grand Valley State Libraries Main Building

2022 IASJ Membership Fee
By the end of March, the invoice for the payment of the 2022 IASJ Membership Fee have gone out to all IASJ members.

‘Moneybird’ is the name of the new invoice system that is now in the process of being set up. It is new system so hopefully no errors will occur.

Please contact the IASJ Service Bureau if you have any questions upon receiving your invoice.

Future IASJ activities:

2022 IASJ Jazz Meeting, New York, 21-26 June 2022

2022 IASJ Research Journal (planned to be issued in the summer or fall)

2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting: Helsinki, Finland, 26 July - 1 August


IASJ main website: iasj.com

IASJ mail address: info@iasj.com


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