2021 IASJ News Update 15 June

2021 IASJ News Update 15 June

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2021 IASJ News Update 15 June‍

2021 IASJ  Jazz Meeting Munich 5-10 July‍

  • Singer Jane Monheit is the invited guest at the Jazz Night on Monday 5 July. She will sing arrangements written by Igor Butman, Russia, with the big band of the Jazz Institute, conducted by Claus Reichstaller.
  • The Host School will regularly send out updates of he schedule to the registred participants
  • Four student combo's are formed. Want to add your trumpet, trombone, saxophone student? Contact Andi Kissenbeck.
  • You are a teacher, staff member, representative and want to participate? You are always welcome! Contact Andi Kissenbeck.
  • Is your 2021 IASJ membership fee paid? You will receive links to the live streamimg events a week before the meeting.
  • Live streaming / Zoom sessions already planned: Jazz Night, Final Concerts, General Assembly. Please check the schedule on the website of 2021 IASJ Munich for updates. webisite 2021 IASJ Munich
  • 2021 Participants Fee = € 100 per person. To be paid cash upon arrival.
  • Andi Kissenbeck email: Andi

2021 IASJ Conference 12-14 November, Leiden, The Netherlands

  • Speakers/presenters confirmed: Damani Phillips: African American Music and Culture; Felipe Salles: The New Immigrant Experience; Ed Sarath: Music Education Reform in the USA; Paul Craenen: Music Research at Academies, Concervatories and Universities; Kurt Ellenberger: Applied Jazz Research, what it is, why a journal is needed; Emiliano Sampaio: Jazz and Classical Orchestras;
  • Call for contributions is still open!
  • Regular updates at the website of the 2021 IASJ Conference.

Future IASJ  Activities:


2022 IASJ Jazz Meeting: New York, USA

2023 IASJ Jazz Meeting: Helsinki, Finland


IASJ main website: iasj.com

IASJ mail address: info@iasj.com


One more thing...


Between 1985 and 1988 I chased Michael Brecker a lot: I wanted him to do a 3 day project in my school. On a rainy day in April 1987, he eventually let me into his appartment on Grand Street, New York and agreed to the project.

I left countless faxes and messages on his answering machine but no replies, no contract...

My last desperate message: "Listen Mike, I the umbrella behind your couch is mine: an excellent Dutch HEMA-umbrella. You can keep the umbrella but I need the contract".

The next day the signed contract came in.

'The Michael Brecker Artist in Residence Porject 1988' in The Hague, The Netherlands, was a great success.

Wouter Turkenburg

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